Advice I Wish I’d Had: High School Grads Give Advice On Getting A Job

Life is a puzzle, you put it together as you go. Some things fit perfectly, while others don’t, but you always wish you had some advice to guide you along your way.

Moorelands VITAL (Volunteers In Training As Leaders) program helps youth develop leadership skills and positive character qualities that will prepare them to succeed in school and the workplace. To help our participants, before they transition from High School to post-secondary education or the world of work, we’ve created a short series of advice articles: Advice I Wish I’d Had.

In this series, University and College students share what they have learned since graduating High School, from transitioning into University or College to finding a summer job. This week find out what advice they give on getting a job.

Rabia | Communications and Marketing | Ryerson University

Step out of your comfort zone, and ask for help. You might never know who might need your assistance, so hand out your resumes everywhere. The most crucial step is to go in person and talk to them, even if you know that the application is online. Introduce yourself and talk about your experiences and/or what you can offer them (E.g. flexible hours, related skillset, etc). Always be professional no matter where you are applying and who you are talking to- first impressions carry a lot of weight in this situation.


Arianna | Animation | Durham College

Applying to jobs is a job in itself; if you apply to 20 different places you might only hear back from 1. Don’t let it discourage you and keep trying.


Anonymous | Practical Nursing | Centennial College

It’s better to get a summer job instead of working during the academic year. It may take a toll on both you and your studiesAnonymous | Graphic Design | OCAD

Even if you have low self esteem, try and sell yourself as well as you can.


Anonymous | Business Technology Management | Ryerson University

Put yourself out there! Don’t be shy when it comes to applying to a position. Apply to as many that you can (within your skill-set, of course) and if all goes well, you’ll get called in for an interviewSavannah | Professional Communications | Ryerson University

Learn how to sell yourself. Figure out what your best qualities are and learn how to present them to employers, and always have examples to back up your statements.


Anonymous | Double Major in English and Sociology with an emphasis in Education |  Trent University

Keep an open mind, you have to start somewhere. So if you feel like you’re at the bottom of the totem pole, then don’t stress or get upset, because the only place to go from there is up.


Giulia | Professional Communications | Ryerson  University

If you’re not hearing anything back apply in person and tweak your resume.


Nick | Nuclear Engineering | UOIT

Apply to as many places as you can. Getting as many interviews is key to getting a job as it gives you more practice in your interviews and increases your chances of landing at least one of the jobs. Also having connections works as that’s a bonus.


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By Vimbai Chikoore

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