historyEstablished in 1912, Moorelands Kids has been working with Toronto children and youth affected by poverty for over 100 years. Originally called the Downtown Churchworkers’ Association, the organization was founded by Canon R.J. Moore, an Anglican Minister, to address the needs of Toronto’ s families living in the downtown slums at the turn of the century. Robert Moore and his volunteers designed and ran programs that addressed the practical necessities of life for these families including providing coal, food, clothing, Christmas help and even supplying a much-needed trip to the country to relieve the grinding poverty, disease and hopelessness of slum dwelling.

Over the years, the organization’s programs evolved to meet the social, recreational and economic needs of the day. In the mid-1990’s, DCA/Moorelands chose to focus exclusively on children and youth living in poverty and in 2001 the name was changed to Moorelands Community Services to better reflect the independent, multicultural, multi-faith and multi-ethnic community service it had become, while still honouring its inspired beginnings. In 2018 we rebranded as Moorelands Kids to reflect our compelling yet simple vision of our future – we believe Moorelands Kids is inspiring and it points to a clear direction of what we expect Moorelands to be doing in our second 100 years.

Today we operate Moorelands Camp (established in 1917) in the Algonquin Highlands throughout the summer, in addition to providing year-round support through our after-school leadership programs (BLAST, LED and VITAL) and family programs (Baby Bundles and Christmas Sharing).

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