2023 Program Highlights


Moorelands Camp is an overnight summer camp near Dorset, Ontario, serving kids ages 8-16. All camp costs are significantly subsidized, offering children and youth from low-income families the opportunity to experience nature while developing life and leadership skills.

Last year, we were excited to announce the expansion of our service boundaries to invite campers from the Simcoe, Muskoka and Haliburton regions. This has led to new opportunities to connect with families who need our services most. Reaching out to these new areas has been an amazing experience. Serving more kids from the Greater Toronto Area, and beyond, was one of the highlights for Moorelands Camp last year.

“My daughter loves Moorelands Camp. She wrote me a journal every day and it all sounds so amazing, regardless of the rain, which made them so much stronger and gave them extra skills on how to camp in the rain. I love Moorelands Camp!”

– Parent of Moorelands Camp participant

“I really wanted the Moorelands Camp experience for my children. I see more maturity and self-reliance in them every time they come back from camp.”

– Christarr, camper parent and
former Moorelands Camp participant


Moorelands Kids offered after-school programs tailored to meet the needs of children and youth in the NIAs (Neighbourhood Improvement Areas) of Thorncliffe Park, Flemingdon Park, Humber Summit, and Humbermede. BLAST, LED, and VITAL provided opportunities for personal growth, skill development, and community engagement for youth of all ages. Each program was at no cost to ensure accessibility for low-income families.


  • A daily after-school program for children ages 6-12.
  • STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math), sports and physical literacy, arts and crafts, homework help, cooking classes and more!


  • A nine-week program each semester for youth in Grades 6-8.
  • Leadership games, goal-setting activities, hands-on volunteer experience, First-Aid training, and a leadership retreat weekend at Moorelands Camp!


  • A 32-week online program for high school students.
  • Workshops, group mentorship, volunteer opportunities, and in-person community events four times a year.

“ The 2022-2023 school year presented new challenges—and new opportunities—to our after-school programs. Last year, we were excited to return to in-person programming, welcoming children and youth back for face-to-face activities, learning, friendship and fun. In BLAST and LED, our staff navigated obstacles with resilience and commitment, and in VITAL, our transition to an online format was smooth and well received. It was embraced by our participants, and campers alike, allowing them to continue their connection with community events throughout the year.”

– Jodi Thompson, City Programs Manager


In 2023, the Holiday Sharing program provided support to 157 families during the holidays. Through the generous and dedicated support of our donors, staff and volunteers, Moorelands Kids provided gifts to 511 kids, movie gift cards to 73 youth, grocery gift cards to 157 families and 93 additional gift cards to the Top Up the Pantry families.

“In 2023, we changed the program name to Holiday Sharing. This allowed us to present a more inclusive program to both the families we serve and donors who participate, while not losing what makes this program important and special. Volunteers and donors were excited to learn more about Moorelands Kids and the Holiday Sharing program. Many families were overwhelmed with the level of support that they received, sharing happy tears and excitement about the upcoming summer at Moorelands Camp.”

– David Borsook, Camp Director & Holiday Sharing Coordinator

“The holidays are tough. Everything has gone up in price, so with the Holiday Sharing program, it really gives our kids that extra special gift and something to look forward to.”

– Sponsored Family, Holiday Sharing 2023

Holiday Sharing adopters drop off donations, 2023