2020 year in review

2020 in Review

Taking a look back at all we achieved together in the strange year that was 2020…

“Typically a child’s world is very small, but even they know that the world is an uncertain place;” These true, even prescient words from our Executive Director started her letter to you in our last Stakeholders’ Impact Report.  And that was before COVID-19 struck.

Partnering with Moorelands Kids means you have the opportunity to transform a child’s life. Your support helps them write their own success story. You help them break out of the isolation that social distancing can impose and provide them with safe, interactive and fun, virtual programs. Our programs – and this could not be more critical right now – teach children how to build resiliency.

As stewards of your gifts, we swung into action on March 13th, reducing costs across the board, putting capital repairs on hold, pausing on tech upgrades and generally looking at every element of our business to see ways to reduce costs. We succeeded.

We pivoted and our Programs Team were up and running with their first BLAST online by March 30, 2020.  We took everything we learned about virtual programs and applied it to delivering an incredible online camp experience when the Province mandated all camps remain closed.

As a resilient organization, I am thrilled to report to you that by the end of 2020, despite COVID, we met our reduced financial needs. Most important, we know our kids need to be moved out of ‘emergency response’ and into safe, secure programming that strengthens their character, leadership competency and connections.

We mustn’t lose sight of just how important that is to their healthy development and ability to cope as adults.  Moorelands Kids’ programs make that possible, despite COVID. You make that possible, through your gifts. We anticipate that 2021 may be even tougher financially. Together we will make 2021 the year of OVERCOMING COVID, for our children and for our community.

Maureen Lewis,

Director,Development & Communications

Read more in our 2020 Stakeholder Impact Report, due May 2021.

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