Sabina - youth led advocate


Sabina is 13 years old and, as we all know, being 13 can be tough. Before she came to Moorelands Youth LED (Lead Excel Demonstrate) program, she was “a shy type of person”. Sabina never put herself forward and didn’t have the confidence to speak up in class. She also struggled to make friends and as a result hated going to school. Things got so bad in fact that she began making up excuses to stay at home telling her mother she was sick.

When her grades suffered, her guidance counsellor referred her to Moorelands Youth LED program. It was the beginning of a new chapter in Sabina’s life.

At Youth LED, she learned the leadership skills that would help her overcome her shyness. Interacting with her fellow participants, she built skills like communication that she’d lacked before. As her strength in teamwork grew, so she grew in confidence. Sabina began to realise that, in fact, she was a pretty awesome group leader and that her input was valuable.

With the encouragement of her Youth LED leaders, Sabina applied the skills she had learned in Youth LED to her school life.  She started raising her hand and participating in class. Her grades improved and she felt more at ease with her classmates. Now Sabina is a Youth LED advocate and tells all her new friends to join the program too.

It costs $740 to send Sabina to Youth LED for a semester including an end of program leadership retreat. This year will be Sabina’s second year, make a donation now to help her continue her growth.


help kids by supporting Moorelands after school programs

How You Can Help Kids By Supporting Moorelands After-school Programs

After-school Program = Setting Kids Up For Success

Read on to learn what can be achieved this fall at Moorelands After-school programs with your help!

after-school programs - blast boy reading

Improved Academic Results

Kids from low-income neighbourhoods are falling behind their middle-class peers – reports confirm economic disparities result in academic disparities. At BLAST after-school program, super fun activities teach kids, grades 1-6, vital skills needed to succeed in school… PLUS we offer homework help every day. Amira, a BLAST parent told us: “The wide-ranging activities kids do help them learn and understand different things. That includes science, arts and crafts and reading.”

after-school program - youth LED kids

Benefits to Mental Health

Kids affected by poverty are 3X more likely to experience isolation and depression. 78% of Youth LED after-school program kids, grades 7 and 8, told us that Youth LED helped them feel safer, more confident and make new friends.  Maia, told us: “Moorelands has taught me about being safe and being confident and trying my best.”



Reduced Behaviour Issues

Kids growing up in poverty are more likely to engage in/are at-risk of delinquent behaviours. You can affect these behaviours by supporting any Moorelands after-school program. All Moorelands kids and youth develop leadership skills Daveed, age 15 and enrolled in VITAL, told us: “Something I learned that will help me outside of Moorelands is being respectful. Even if someone is mean to someone else, I now have ways to diffuse the situation and get them to stop.”

after-school program and heatlthy kids

Healthier, More Active Kids

There’s a direct correlation between neighbourhood income and kids being at risk of obesity and Type 2 Diabetes. 94% of parents reported that they felt the BLAST program encouraged their child to be more active. Rupal, a BLAST parent told us: “Now my kids are more self-confident and more active… It’s safe, affordable and fun!”


after-school program - smiling girl at BLAST

A Safe Space to Learn & Grow

Toronto is ‘Canada’s child poverty capital.’ Many working parents cannot afford childcare after school. All spots at Moorelands After-school programs are subsidized and geared to income. Leisha, a BLAST parent, told us: “The program helps me to make my crazy schedule easier. Being a full-time working mom I do appreciate all your help. Knowing Moorelands is there for my kids to ensure their safety and encourage them to be better kids – it means we will all have a stronger future, together.”

You can help kids achieve these positive outcomes by supporting our after-school programs today.

Donate online here: Donate

Moorelands Camp Photos 2017

Moorelands Camp Photos 2017

The 2017 season of Moorelands Camp has sadly ended but take a look at some of the awesome photos from each session and keep the fire burning! (Page may take a few moments to load!)

Elijah at Moorelands

Elijah’s Story

Elijah, age 8, is growing up in a neighbourhood where the crime rates are high and the achievement rates low.

A great kid, Elijah is smart, funny and kind. His mom worries though about the opportunities for him in their community. So many kids there leave school with poor grades and struggle to find jobs. In fact, she knows of lots of teens who have fallen in with gangs. It’s a real and pressing worry for Elijah’s mom. She wants a different life for him and that’s why she wants to send him to Moorelands.

At Moorelands Camp she knows he’ll be surrounded by great role models. She knows he’ll be safe and having fun in the great outdoors and that his eyes will be opened to a different world. But most of all, she knows that at camp he’ll be learning important leadership skills. Skills like decision making and goal setting that will help him make good choices at home and keep him on the path to success.

Sponsor Elijah, or a kid like him, today and get him to camp this summer. Your gift will change a life.

Donate Now

A Message from Lynda

Who Will You Send?

In this 100th year of Moorelands Camp, 600 children and youth will attend. So what is the true value of camp?

Our programs plant the seeds of leadership and character development. By sending a kid to camp you are exercising your leadership in a very tangible way. You are planting seeds that will help a child blossom
into a future with skills, confidence and strong friendships in place.

Moorelands Camp is the opportunity to:

  • try new things from food choices to activities
  • make new friends who are encouraged to accept you for who you are
  • learn about positive character qualities
  • make connections with a caring adult
  • be influenced by a positive role model
  • build on your strengths
  • face fears and push past labels
  • be a kid – sing silly songs, laugh, play, learn!
  • learn to swim
  • sing around a campfire with friends
  • leave the city and be surrounded by nature
  • wonder at the night sky full of stars
  • hear loons calling on the lake
  • gather amazing memories
  • gain skills that will last a lifetime…

Gather your friends together, plant the seeds of opportunity for children and youth in underserved communities. Help us! Send a Kid to Camp.

Lynda Tilley

Executive Director

Donate Now

Sage at camp

Sage’s story

I feel that at Moorelands – learning the things we do such as responsibility, leadership and trustworthiness – it’s a perfect program to help kids get on the right track, clear their minds & send them in the right direction to be successful.”  

In her own words: Sage's Camp Adventure

Sage, left, as an inter camper.
Sage, left, as an inter camper.

I remember my first year at camp, my 8th birthday was the night before. It was my first time being away from my mother and being away from the city. I was excited, but also terrified.  But it was definitely worth it because when I came back home I smiled at my mom and said I NEED to go back again!

Learning what it means to be responsible

I’ve been attending camp every year, ever since and last year I completed my SALT leadership program. Looking back on all those years I can say that Moorlands taught me a lot. You learn about camping and how to canoe and all the fun stuff, but you also learn how to be a good person out there. You learn about good character and what it means to be responsible, and kind and caring towards others, the environment, and most importantly, yourself.


Perhaps the most important thing I took away from Moorelands is how to be a good leader — how to work with others and get it right.

Sage (left) with friends at SALT
Sage (left) with friends at SALT
Sage speaks about her experiences at Moorelands' gala.
Sage speaks about her experiences at Moorelands' gala.
Sage and her mom, Kadeen, at 100 Kids to Camp Night.
Sage and her mom, Kadeen, at 100 Kids to Camp Night.

“I am Sage because of Moorelands”

Today, I have been presented with so many opportunities in school, out of school and even at work. I don’t believe I would have had those chances without Moorelands Camp. I feel I am who I am today because of camp. I am Sage because of Moorelands!

I’m excited to be going into grade 12 and excited to be coming back to camp this summer as a cabin leader. I will share what I’ve learned with other campers like me. Some will be scared and some will be excited, but I know that by the end of summer, they will ALL be wanting to come back to Moorelands!

Thank you to all of the donors to Moorelands Send a Kid to Camp Campaign who have made Sage’s Moorelands adventure possible.

Please help another child like Sage experience Moorelands Camp by making a donation today. Any gift, no matter the size, will make a difference. 

Want to help fundraise this June? Join Moorelands’ Ultimate Camp Challenge by creating a fundraiser with friends to send a kid to camp. Learn more…


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