Get Involved

Our Community is a constantly changing and growing group of people who support Moorelands in a variety of ways. They include donors, ambassadors, alumni, participants, volunteers and staff – past and present. You are the most important member of this group and here’s how you can get involved.

You have the power to keep Moorelands going, by making a donation as do some 430 members of our Century Club

You can enhance the rich tapestry of Moorelands’ history by sharing your own story

You can fundraise with friends and raise funding and awareness for our programs

You can help us become the best organization we can be by offering your feedback

You can become an ambassador for our cause, by subscribing to Echo and sharing our passion with others

You can join the Moorelands family by applying to work at one of our critically acclaimed programs

You can add your valuable skills and experience to our ever growing team of volunteers

You can be an active part of our community by keeping up to date with our latest news and events

Staying connected!

Some of our community members remain connected for decades, some encounter Moorelands at one point in their lives and return many years later, but all are united by the wish to help those less fortunate and make a difference in the lives of Toronto children. So c’mon and get involved!