Board of Directors

A Message from the Past President

We are ever so appreciative of the generosity of our loyal donors who enable us to continue the charitable work that Moorelands has undertaken over the last century. As part of our mission, the Board continues to work diligently to raise the funds needed to provide our vital services to the children whom we serve. We look forward to the continuing support of our regular contributors and hope that if you are looking at Moorelands for the first time, that you consider choosing Moorelands as a charity of your choice.

Thank you,
David Dorsch
Past President, Moorelands Community Services

Moorelands Organization Chart

Slate of Directors


Robert Webb


Paul Buligan

David Dorsch – Past President

Lorena Gepraegs

Pierre Lebel

Andrew Pollock

John Shelly

Stephen Stobie

Lynda Tilley, ED

John Tremayne

Angela Waite